onsdag 3. februar 2010


A while since i have been updating from the USA trip, mostly because i injured my shoulder after a bad fall from the top of mandala in bishop.
But first thing first. When we drove up to yosemite we was super syked as we had two houres of daylight before it got dark, but as we stepd out of the car it started to rain. Shit! In the end the stay went without that much action since there was raining every evening so the boulders was wet or at best moist. But the locals shown us a lot of great problems so its a lot of things to come back for. Did try the dominated ond day an was quite close to do the crux move static with the heel beta Even if the conditions was rather moist on the holds. So im keen to try this NeXT time. Even if the weather wasn't the best we had a Nice stay in beth roddens house, probably the best house in the walley with a proper home gym (better than most of the gyms in Bergen at least!). Thanks randy,beth, Paul, lynn and scott for a Nice stay and great guiding!

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